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Gift Basket

A gift basket from Your Lollipop Shop is the perfect way to wish someone a Happy Birthday. The special this week includes...

  • One stuffed toy.
  • Dozen lollipops of your choice
  • Card and envelope.

Regular price $19.00

Buy for $9.99

Dinner Deal

Do you remember the first time when your friend became your best friend... forever. It was a time where you both spent all of your time with each other. Other things like grades and work meant nothing. Of course you wanted that day to last forever and, every time you think about it, it brings a smile to your face. (I can see you smiling right through the screen.)

Make 'em smile

It’s time to reconnect with that special someone with a deal from the Lollipop Shop!

  • Dinner for 2 at Randy Seafood
  • Two Valentine’s Cocktails
  • Two Extra Sticky Lollipops

So are you ready to heat things up in the romance department? Make a reservation by calling us at 800-555-1234 and mention this special for 30% off.


This sample page contains elements from all previous units.

  • Media Queries from project 1
  • Horizontal navigation from project 2
  • Two level deep navigation from module 4
  • Phone navigation from project 5
  • Multiple columns from project 6
  • Scalable images from project 7
  • Image sprites from module 8
  • Font based icons from project 8

In this project we combine all the CSS files into a single download to speed up the page download.